Two Explosions Rock Frazier Park

Two Explosions Rock Frazier Park

Two explosions were heard in downtown Frazier Park at about 4:20 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 15 as a camping van was gutted by fire in the parking lot across from Coffee Cantina on Mt. Pinos Way.

Pine Mountain Club CC&Rs Renewed

Pine Mountain Club CC&Rs Renewed

By Patric Hedlund

A standing ovation was given to the Governing Documents Committee of Pine Mountain Club Saturday, Jan. 15 when the final tally of votes was read on the question of whether to renew …

District Plans Outreach To Homeschoolers

Kleier Fires Construction Manager

Paula Harvey, a teacher at El Tejon School and former curriculum coordinator for the district, is developing a community survey to help El Tejon Unified School District learn more about family …

Energy Groups Rushing into Neenach Area

Breaking News

As we go to press, residents of the Neenach and Fairmont areas of the Western Antelope Valley are being alerted that a meeting is planned Thursday, Jan. 20 by the Fairmont Town Council …

At the Snowflake Ball

At the Snowflake Ball

Jasmine Wells and Dean Clarkson enjoyed the Frazier Mountain High School Cheerleaders’ Snowflake Ball, Saturday, Jan. 15. About 200 students came. “I liked all the decorations, and they gave out cupcakes,” said Freshman Jessie Wells. …

What Happened to the Grapevine?

By Patric Hedlund

Many have noticed that the once smooth-as-velvet surface of an eight-mile stretch of the Grapevine northbound from Lebec is now as rough as some of Frazier Park’s dirt roads.

It was July …

Creepy Crawlies A Big Hit At Ridge Route Museum

Creepy Crawlies A Big Hit At Ridge Route Museum

By Patric Hedlund

“Centipedes are disgusting because they like mud,” said Katelyn Bernards, 6, who was quick to add she has one in her personal collection of plastic “creepy crawlies.” She also likes lizards, tarantulas, …

COMMUNITY CALENDAR: Upcoming & Ongoing

Ongoing through January and February

*‘See’s Candy on Sale at the Pine Mountain Clubhouse. Proceeds help support recreation programs for the community’s youth.

  • Work of HeART Artist of the month is Martha Casey-Dirker, enjoy …

Breaking News: Medevac Helicopter at High School Cancelled

UPDATE—LEBEC (Friday, Jan. 21, 2011 at 6:30 a.m.)—The medevac helicopter has been cancelled. According to FMHS student Joey Teare, a California City junior varsity boys basketball player hurt his knee, possibly dislocating it, during the …

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Cantina Crowded for Poetry

By Gary Meyer

Coffee Cantina in Frazier Park was packed with over 30 people for Poetry Open Mic, Friday, Jan. 14. Most of them were, of course, poets.

An interesting fact about this monthly ...

Up to $500,000 in Small Biz Tax Write-offs Now

Small businesses can now write-off a larger portion of the cost of new equipment purchases in the year of purchase rather than depreciating the cost over time. This provides an immediate tax benefit.

The Recovery ...