Might Bullet Train Shoot Across the Grapevine?

Might Bullet Train Shoot Across the Grapevine?

Speculation Thick about Backroom Wrangling As Antonovich and Tejon Ranch Protest Study

By Patric Hedlund

Kern County Supervisor Ray Watson is a fan of high speed rail. For over seven years, his single solution to …

Taxpayers Boost Tejon Ranch To Profitable First Quarter

By Patric Hedlund

It seems that conservation pays…very well. Tejon Ranch Company (traded on the New York Stock Exchange as TRC) reports revenues from operations for the first quarter of 2011 were “above $18.6 million—more …

Snake Season Arrive–Stay Watchful!

Snake Season Arrive--Stay Watchful!

Hiker Peter Gray took this photo of a Pacific Coast rattler. They are well-camouflaged, and the most common rattlesnakes in this area. The Los Padres Forest’s snake population is now out. They may appear in …

Prom Magic 2011

Prom Magic 2011

Ms. Alex McCue was asked to send a short report about Frazier Mountain High School’s 2011 “Masquerade Ball” prom.

By Alex McCue, FMHS senior

Our group started by going to Braxton Jens’ home in Cuddy …

Spotlight Shines on Local Heroes

Spotlight Shines on Local Heroes

By Gary Meyer

California Highway Patrol Officer Matt Barnachia was working the late-night shift at Fort Tejon Station on December 16, when a murder suspect was reported traveling south from Sacramento spotted the vehicle, made …


May and Ongoing

  • May’s Artists of the Month at Work of HeArt Gallery are FMHS Art Students. See their art work on display (3011 Mt. Pinos Way, behind the Coffee Cantina 245-3548.)
  • Junior Falcons …

News and Features

Mother’s Day at Robin’s Nest

By Robin Barrington, Lebec In memory of my mother, Mrs. Donna Bye (who passed away from cancer a year ago), I’d like to share with you “What a Mom Does” by the children at Robin’s ...

Our Homegrown Missionary

By Chandra Sargent Mead

Some of you may know Dea Walker as the teacher of one of your kids at El Tejon School. Some may know her as a judo competitor in the local club ...