Are More Oak Trees in Danger?

Reported by Cat Buckles

Frazier Park homeowner Don Tostenson is concerned that more heritage oaks in Frazier Mountain Park are threatened by the walkway project of the Kern County Roads Department.

Tostenson contacted The Mountain Enterprise this week to explain that survey symbols beneath trees in the park indicate heritage oaks are slated for removal. He said he talked with a surveyor who confirmed that “Yes, some of the trees are ‘in the way’ and would have to be moved or cut down to finish the project.” Tostenson said he was told that it is “completely in the engineer’s hands.”

The Mountain Enterprise tried to contact Mark Evans, engineer on the project, but he is on vacation this week. We forwarded the questions to other county staff.

Mark Russell, Construction Services Manager (involved in the library project) replied promptly with an email note from county contracts employee Nanette True, which said, “I spoke with Clark Farr of Roads Department, he has assured me that they have met with the arborist and they are taking every precaution necessary and relocating several paths to avoid damage to trees.”

Meanwhile, Tostenson reports the marks are still in place. He says he “is ready to find a way to rally the troops to make sure something is done to protect these trees before demolition begins and it’s too late.”

To join the Oak Tree Alert telephone tree, contact Barbara Lewis at 245-0812.

–Additional reporting by P. Hedlund

This is part of the August 13, 2010 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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