AYSO Soccer Highlights:

These reports are directly from the terrific parents of the Frazier Mountain American Youth Soccer Organization.

October 2, 2010: Diablos Rojos vs. Ninja Turtles
By Jacob Lien
On October 2, at 2 p.m, Frazier Park’s AYSO Region 382 Diablos Rojos played Bakersfield AYSO Region 73 Ninja Turtles. Each team fielded 7 players. The first quarter ended with no scoring, but several attempts on goal by the Diablos.

The refreshing fall rain made the game much more enjoyable, although many players watched fearfully for lightning. Even without their top scorers, Heriberto (Eddy) Reyes and Cody Bauer, the Diablos pulled out a victory for Region 382.

One Turtle earned two yellow cards and was sent off the field. Max Arteaga received one yellow as well. The Turtles scored a penalty kick for an unintentional handball by the Diablos in the penalty area.

The final score was Diablos 8, Turtles 5. The leading scorer for the Diablos was Alex Gonzales with 4, followed by Jeremy Harris with 2, Max Arteaga with 1 and Forest Csulak with 1. Way to go Diablos Rojos (aka “Sexy Tomatoes.”)!

October 2, 2010: U-10 E-LEMON-ators vs. Green Fireballs

By Tara Heisig

The mountain thunderstorms didn’t reach the soccer fields on Saturday morning, so the U-10 E-LEMON-ators (sponsored by The Bear Claw Bakery, and coached by Paul Heisig) and the Green Fireballs got to play their game as scheduled. The weather conditions during the game were hot and humid, and both teams were in for a tough game, as both were without substitute players.

The E-LEMON-ators and the Green Fireballs started the game strong, with solid defensive play on both sides. Their efforts left the first quarter of play scoreless for both teams. Then, in the second quarter, Isabella Sanchez scored the first goal of the game for the E-LEMON-ators, with an assist by Derek Heisig. Other scores for the E-LEMON-ators in the first half of the game, came from Tavin Heisig, with an assist from Reece DeYoung.

After a well-deserved half-time break and snack, both teams came out eager to play in the third quarter. There were some close shots for both teams, some great stops by the goalies, and a few tumbles, but, thankfully, no injuries. Additional scores for the E-LEMON-ators came from Otto Jensen, with an excellent pass from Ryan Rea, and Derek Heisig, who scored in the fourth quarter with an assist from Carlin Collins.

Overall, the play of the E-LEMON-ators was marked by strong passing and unselfish play. Both teams played hard. The final score was E-LEMON-ators – 7, Green Fireballs – 0.

September 23, 2010

U-19 Prime Time vs The Cool Guys
By Tonya Zorich

This was an exciting, intense, physical and nerve-racking game. Penalties, injuries and nonstop action kept both sidelines on the edges of their seats. It was a pivotal match, as it unofficially decided who has the best chance of going to playoffs.

Matt Mendoza kicked it into high gear Thursday evening for The Cool Guys (coach Alan Gotts, sponsor Ranch House Restaurant) scoring the 1st goal in this pivotal match against Prime Time (coach Tom Farrar, sponsor Mike’s Pizza Co.).

Prime Timer Troy Durkee tied it up with a nice follow-through shot. Issac Shillig fired a shot to the lower corner of the net, Cool Guy keeper Cesar Galvez had a foot on it, but to no avail.

Cool Guy Alec Gotts tied up the game, followed shortly by Luis Enciso’s goal, making it 3-2 Cool Guys halftime.

Second half both teams were playing hard and fast for a victory. Shillig scored for Prime Time tying it up again off a corner kick from Cody Draa. A PK was awarded to Prime Time, Draa took the kick placing it well out of the keeper’s reach putting Prime Time ahead! Incredible defense by lightening-fast sweepers Gregory Kirk and Orion Zorich. Tenacious goalkeeping by Carlos Gotts, Cesar Galvez and Chase Hawes kept this intense match under control. Final 4-3 Prime Time. Great Soccer!!

U-12 Burgundy Beasts vs. Rebels
By Sandy Sprio

Saturday, Sept. 25 the Burgundy Beasts (coached by Jeff Neeley and Señor Shillig, sponsored by Mountain Auto Body ) took the field against the Rebels (coached by Matt and Cristal Vivirito, sponsored by La Sierra Restaurant).

An ambitious first shot attempt by Ericka Steere and an amazing goal were made by Gabino Pinida off the tips of the goalies highest reach over outstretched fingers into the goal!

Elliana Schillig had 4 goal attempts but the Rebels were not letting anything else into their goal.

In the second quarter, Isabella Spiro had a defensive header that looked painful but she kept on playing. The Rebels made their first goal. Alex on the defense had a front layout, but jumped up onto his feet like a professional, followed by several goal attempts.

An amazing half field kick by Maria Calderon and hustle by Kolby Gameros were memorable. Gabino Pinida took 2 defensive headers straight in the face but shook them off and the Rebels scored 6 more goals. The final score: 7-1 Rebels.

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