Call to snowbound commuters

November 2, 2013
Dear Editor:

Beginning with the article titled “Mountain resident seeks plan for I-5 closures [October 18, 2013 issue of The Mountain Enterprise] and then followed by “CHP’s open door” [letter to the editor by CHP Lieutenant Craig Whitty, Oct. 26, 2013, The Mountain Enterprise], the Mountain Communities have been informed of a proposal to set up a plan of action to assist mountain commuters to come home during closures of I-5 between Castaic and Lebec during the winter’s snow days.

State Assemblywoman Shannon Groove’s field representative Javier Reyes and Lt. Whitty both said they would be available for either one–on–one conversations or a community meeting.

This may be a great opportunity for the residents of the Mountain Communities to organize a community meeting to discuss these concerns and solutions.
I suggested a plan of action that could include escorts of mountain commuters by the CHP through the I-5 stretch between Castaic and Lebec during snow closures. That might involve setting up a specific hour (or hours) of the day when commuters can gather at a designated location in Castaic to meet with the CHP to be escorted home.

Because snow and ice areas begin farther up on the I-5 beyond Castaic, perhaps mountain commuters could be allowed to enter the freeway at Castaic to meet and be escorted by the CHP where the snow areas begin.

These are only two ideas. There are probably many other suggestions. I ask mountain residents and community leaders to come forward with their feedback and ideas to take advantage of the opportunity to create a safe program that will bring mountain residents home during snowy winter days.

I’ll check with Lt. Whitty and Mr. Reyes to find times they may be able to meet with a community committee. Please email me at if you would like to participate in such a meeting.

Claudio Escobedo
Lake of the Woods

This is part of the November 8, 2013 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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