Register Now for ReadyKERN’S Reverse 911 Emergency Alert System

All Mountain Community residents are urged to register for ReadyKern Reverse 911. Registering will assure that in the case of a Kern County emergency near your home, you will be notified with an emergency alert, no matter where you are.

This story, by Scott Robinson, ran in the August 28 issue of The Mountain Enterprise:

In the event disaster should strike our region in the form of earthquake, fire, flood or landslides, ReadyKern’s Reverse 911 mass notification system can contact you on your cell, home or business phone via email or a TTY/TDD device.

To register for the reverse 911 system, go to the ReadyKern website. It’s a free service and all contact information is kept strictly confidential.

This is part of the January 30, 2015 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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