Unanimous! $5 Million for Pine Mountain Fire Station

By Patric Hedlund with Edie Stafford

Kern County Supervisor Ray Watson made the motion to approve a $115 million public works bond Tuesday, March 24, which included a $5 million allocation for a fire station for Pine Mountain. The vote was unanimous: Five “ayes” approved.

Edie Stafford broke out in a cheer: “I almost jumped up and ran up there to give them all a hug!”

At least 10 members of the Mountain Communities attended to speak with the panel about the unfulfilled promise made by Kern County 35 years ago to build a firehouse on land donated by the community

In 2006 the “temporary” converted real estate sales cabin firefighters had been using was condemned. They’ve been leasing a house across the street from their engines for three years. Recently the community donated an additional parcel of land to the county to accommodate a larger fire station that will provide private rooms for three firefighters and other features that will provide community services in a way that retiring Chief Dennis Thompson said will be an innovative model for the Kern County Fire Department.

Supervisor Michael Rubio looked into the crowd during the meeting and said, “I see all our friends from Pine Mountain Club are here,” Stafford reports, adding that she was wearing her “Pine Mountain Club” T-shirt to make the point.

Randy Coleman sprang up to the microphone to speak on behalf of the measure before the tally, but supervisors laughed, indicating they were ready to cast their votes.

The affirmative votes were reassuring to the group that included Horst and Connie Baldin, Karen Bailey, Frankie Sanchez, Tim Marvel, Edie Stafford, Roy and Marcy Warkentin, Tona Bowen, Randy Coleman and Deputy Chief Michael Cody.

This is part of the March 27, 2009 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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