Maxine Alice Jarvis — July 18, 1934 to November 28, 2017

From the December 15, 2017 Edition

She will be deeply missed and remembered with affection

Maxine Jarvis was born to proud parents Clarence and Jennie Kerns on July 18, 1934 in North Hollywood, California. She graduated from Hollywood High School in …

C. Victor Staley — May 31, 1932 to September 11, 2017

From the November 3, 2017 Edition

C. Victor Staley was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania to Everett and Ruth Staley. When he was 7 years old Victor moved with his parents and his older sister, Jeanne, to Sun Valley, California. Victor attended …

Elmo Armand Arrigo — April 14, 1925 to October 1, 2017

From the October 13, 2017 Edition

Elmo Arrigo was born in Laurel Canyon to Frank and Victoria (Martini) Arrigo on April 14, 1925. He was one of seven children (with two sisters and four brothers). His dad was a pharmacist and …