David Andrew Culp — November 3, 1950 to March 12, 2017

From the March 24, 2017 Edition

Brilliant and Unforgettable

There once was a lawyer named Dave Who was cool, charismatic, and brave Born in Ventura 11-3-50 Both absurd and unthrifty He partied his way to the grave

David Andrew …

Robin Rose Rustic

From the March 3, 2017 Edition

Robin Rustic, a fifteen-year resident of Frazier Park, moved back to her childhood hometown of Sylmar shortly before she was the tragic victim of a fatal hit and run incident that happened on February 21, …

Donato Ventura — August 7, 1929 to November 20, 2016

From the January 13, 2017 Edition

Donato Ventura, a sixteen-year resident of Lake of the Woods, moved to Bakersfield shortly before he passed away peacefully on November 20, 2016. He was surrounded by his family, including his wife, Mary Ventura, daughters …