2012 Ride to Remember

A young family waves their flag at the 9/11 Ride to Remember procession through Cuddy Valley, coordinated by Militsa Brennan of Dream Weaver Ranch.

The event will take place again next year, so make your plans now to join in as a spectator or an equestrian. This is a tradition started by an 11-year-old girl in Cuddy Valley as a way of sharing her silent determination to honor the memory of those who died in the World Trade Center attack in New York City.

As a young adult, married to a military serviceman, Emily Brennan added to her reasons for continuing the ride her desire to remember the thousands of American military men and women who have died and been wounded as a result of the wars that followed the 9/11 attack.

This is part of the September 14, 2012 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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