9-1-1 Facts

Calls to 911 through the Kern County Sheriff’s Office increase from an average of 11,000 a month during the winter to 22,000 a month in summer. The caller often hangs up after accidentally dialing 911, or children playing on the phone call 911. Some citizens use the 911 system for non-emergencies.

KCSO asks:

1) If you need assistance from the sheriff’s office in a non-emergency situation or need to file a report, call 661.861.3110. Out-of-area callers can call 800.861.3110.

2) If you call 911 by accident, don’t hang up. Explain you called accidentally. Lock your cell phone to avoid pocket dialing.

3) When calling 911, do your best to stay calm, describe what is occurring and answer all questions.
4) If you call from a cell phone, the call taker will not know your location. Know where you are before calling.

5) Teach children how and when to use the 911 system. Prank or harassing calls to 911 are illegal.
For non-emergencies, you can also go to www.kernsheriff.com and use the Online Reporting link. The Crime Prevention Unit is at 661.391.7559 (or crimeprevention@kernsheriff.com)

Dial 211 for food and utility aid, health care and health clinics, job training, mental health services, or to report wage disputes and to seek legal aid in divorce, child custody and landlord/tenant disputes.

Call 511 or 800-GAS-ROAD for traffic and road conditions.

This is part of the May 23, 2014 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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