Antelope Valley rallies against return of ‘Pillowcase Rapist’

By Patric Hedlund

Women from throughout the Antelope Valley area are holding a rally on May 10, 12-5 p.m. in Lancaster to send a message that the “Pillowcase Rapist” is not welcome in their neighborhoods, Antelope Valley resident Shirley Harriman said Monday. They are collecting signed letters of protest to be taken to a public hearing in Santa Clara County.

In April, Superior Court Judge Gilbert J. Brown in San Jose ruled that Christopher Hubbert, 63 can be released to a residence near the unincorporated Lake Los Angeles area of the Antelope Valley.

Hubbert has admitted to raping at least 38 women in California between 1971 and 1982. He bound and gagged them to stifle their screams.

Hubbert has been released twice before and re-offended each time as a violent sexual predator. After six years in Atascadero State Hospital, he was released to the Bay Area in 1979, where he raped 15 more women. He was sent back to jail, got out and attempted to rape two more women, and was sentenced to 16 years. He petitioned last year to be released from Coalinga State Hospital.

The Saturday, May 10 rally is on the NE corner of 15th Street West and West Avenue K in the Toys R Us lot, Lancaster, Harriman said.

Letters of protest can be taken to the rally or sent to for delivery to the L.A. County Deputy District Attorneys and politicians, including Assemblyman Steve Knight, who plan to attend the hearing to object to the release.

This is part of the May 9, 2014 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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