ASB brings Santa Claus to FP School

By Patric Hedlund

Frazier Mountain High School’s Associated Student Body (ASB) put on their thinking caps last month about doing something special to make this a memorable year. ASB President Thomas Nierhoff told adviser Tim Garcia that maybe the ASB could get in touch with Santa at the North Pole to ask him to come visit the children of Frazier Park School’s kindergarten classes. He said he knew how to get in touch with Santa.

Heather Henderson jumped right in with a promise to send a tweet to Mrs. Claus. Then, lo and behold, three other ASB students said they were Facebook buddies with some of the North Pole Toy Factory elves. Lily Hallmark, Dallin Neeley and Roby Worster sent messages. The Falcon ASB students promised the North Pole group to provide help in arranging the visit.

Thursday, Dec. 12 arrived quickly. Henderson said she was honored to help Mrs. Claus reply to the kindergartners’ letters to Santa. Nierhoff said he helped Santa supervise. Hallmark, Neeley and Worster helped the elves put together a gift for every single kindergartner, complete with a personal letter, a cookie and little toys, each packet tagged with a child’s name. The kids were in bliss.

The ASB students waved good-bye to Santa and his team with warm smiles, faces lit with a happy glow.

Merry Christmas!

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