Deadline for Public Comment on Centennial is Wednesday, Aug. 16

UPDATE—By Patric Hedlund, TME

Jodie Sackett from the L.A. County Department of Regional Planning confirmed this week the public comment period for the Centennial Specific Plan Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) will be extended 30 days to 5 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 16.

Developer Tejon Ranch Company plans  Centennial as a multi-phase “new town” development in unincorporated northern Los Angeles County. The proposed project is east of the I-5 intersection with SR 138 (Avenue D), near Quail Lake. The plan could bring 57,000 to 67,000 new residents to the area, with 19,333 residences along with commercial and light industrial parks.

See the proposed plan, and its environmental impacts online. The plan is now divided into sections for ease in downloading: See a hard copy or a CD at the Frazier Park Public Library.

Tejon Ranch Company says that the project will bring construction jobs, needed housing for the Southern California area, and additional commercial services to the region.

Concerns raised about Tejon’s newest development  proposal near the Frazier Mountain Communities include hazards of valley fever, traffic congestion and air quality degradation, along with water supply in the desert area and climate change impacts. Impacts on wildlife habitat are also addressed in the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR). The  20 years of construction for the multiple “village” clusters will result in continuous desert soil disturbance in an area where cocci spores are endemic. The spores are carried in windstorms and during construction activities, inhaled by people and animals, causing lung infection which can spread to other organs, including the brain.

Sackett is the planner who answers questions about this project:

A hard copy letter with comments on the DEIR may be sent to:

Jodie Sackett, AICP
Zoning Permits North
Dept. of Regional Planning
320 W. Temple St., Rm. 1348
Los Angeles, CA 90012.

This is part of the August 4, 2017 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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