AYSO Soccer Highlights (uncut) and Slideshow

U-10 Hammerheads vs. Electric Eels
By Ronni Wilde

The Hammerheads U-10 soccer team, coached by Danyle Rice and Paul Heisig and sponsored by the Bear Claw Bakery of PMC, fought a good fight on Halloween against the Electric Eels, but lost the game 10 to 1. During a warm afternoon game, the Hammerheads once again demonstrated dramatic improvement in teamwork and skill, but could not hold back the Eels, coached by Cheryl and Bobby Hirons. Goalies Karlee Rice and Aden Wiebers worked hard to block many potential goals, and the rest of the team showed excellent dribbling and running ability. During halftime, coach Heisig gave the team a pep talk, saying, “Is it OK to steal a bag of chips from the store? ‘No!’ Is it OK to steal the ball during a game? ‘Yes!’ ” The talk rallied the team, and the Hammerheads’ most exciting game moment came in the fourth quarter, when Derek Heisig scored the team’s only point.

U-12 Hurricanes vs. Magma
By Catherine Hallmark
The U12 Hurricanes (coached by Deb Lein and sponsored by Dr. Porazik Dentistry) faced the Maroon Magma (coached by Jeff Neeley and Bill Shillig, no sponsor) on Halloween day. The first quarter was scoreless with numerous shots on goal by both teams. The Hurricanes scored the first goal of the game with a goal by Lily Hallmark supported by an assist from McKay Leos, and held the lead to halftime. But the Magma came on strong in the 3rd quarter with 2 goals by Mason Raymond and one by Michael Stearnes. The Magma followed up with 2 more goals in the 4th quarter while holding the Hurricane scoreless.  Final score was Maroon Magma 5–Hurricanes 1.
U-12 Cougars vs. Hurricanes
By Catherine Hallmark
At noon on Oct. 31, the U12 Cougars (coached by Loren Graham and Michael Zicker and sponsored by His Way Creations) faced the Hurricanes (coached by Deb Lein and sponsored by Dr. Porazik Dentistry) for the second half of the Hurricane’s double header.  The Cougars took the lead early with 2 goals by Lea Graham in the first quarter and one by Jake Pina in the second. The Hurricanes came out of the halftime break with determinate to close the gap, and goals by Elias Masud and Kevin Kendrick in the 3rd quarter looked promising for the Huricanes to tie the game. But the Cougars offense remained dominant with 3 more goals scored between Pina and Graham for a final Cougar 6–2 victory .
U-10 Electric Eels vs. Firecrackers
By Catherine Hallmark
The U10 Firecrackers (coached by Teresa Green, no sponsor) faced the Electric Eels (coached by Bobby and Cheryl Hirons, no sponsor) in an extremely competitive game on Oct. 31. The teams were well matched and held each other scoreless for the first quarter despite numerous scoring attempts by both teams. In the second quarter, Claudia Hirons of the Eels scored the first goal of the game with a breakaway past the Firecrackers defenders.  The third quarter was packed with activity as Forrest Green of the Firecrackers and Seth Carroll of the Eels both scored two goals. Two more Eel goals ended the game with a 6–2 victory for the Eels.
U-10 Electric Eels vs. Hammerheads
By Catherine Hallmark
The U10 Hammerheads (coached by Danyle Rice and Paul Hesig and sponsored by Bear Claw Bakery.) faced the Electric Eels (coached by Bobby and Cheryl Hirons, no sponsor).  The Hammerheads defense was put to work by the Eels who dominated the game. Karlee Rice of the Hammerheads played in-goal for the first half of the game and was extremely aggressive against the Eel offense. Damian Duhm of the Eels scored the first goal of the game and was followed by multiple goals from fellow Eels Claudia Hirons, Charlie Robertson, Seth Carroll and Isabella Sanchez. The Eels held the Hammerheads scoreless until the final minutes of the game when Derek Hesig scored for the Hammerheads. Final score, Eels 10, Hammerheads 1.

This is part of the November 06, 2009 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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