AYSO Soccer Highlights (uncut) and Slideshow

U-8 Tiger Sharks vs. The Red Dragons
By Ronni Wilde

The U-8 Tiger Sharks faced The Red Dragons Saturday on a cold and cloudy day.
Although the team lost to the Dragons, the Sharks played their strongest game ever, demonstrating excellent teamwork and sportsmanship. The Tiger Sharks, coached by Danyl Rice and Paul Heisig and sponsored by Sagebrush Annie’s restaurant in Ventucopa, worked hard at dribbling, kicking and running the field against the Dragons (coached by Joe Flores). During the game, Seam Masuhara, Kaleb Rice, Jason Gorman and Ryan McGinnis served as goalies, all offering strong defensive work and kicking skills. Though they were unable to beat their opponents, the Tiger Sharks have shown tremendous improvement over the season.

U-10 Hammerheads vs. Water Dogs
By Ronni Wilde

The U-10 Hammerheads squared off in an exciting game against the Water Dogs Saturday, playing the best game the team has played to date. The Hammerheads, coached by Paul Heisig and Danyl Rice and sponsored by the Bear Claw Bakery, were unable to beat the Water Dogs (coached by Debi and Forrest Csulak and sponsored by Domino’s Pizza), but showed awesome teamwork and strategy nonetheless. The game started off with a bang, as Hammerhead Shane McGinnis kicked the team’s only goal during the first quarter, with the help of an excellent assist by Kyle Cass. Goalie Karlee Rice fought off many potential Water Dogs points during the first half, as did McGinnis and Cass as goalies during the third and fourth quarters. Caleb Tuman, Aden Wiebers, Gabriel Wilde, Derek Heisig and Cheyane Robinson all displayed awesome field work, dribbling and hustling aggressively throughout the game. At the end, coach Heisig said, “You did not lose this game. This was your best game yet!”

This is part of the November 13, 2009 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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