Barn Sale To Aid Lost Pets

  • This little Manchester terrier was found in Lebec.

    This little Manchester terrier was found in Lebec.

Who’s Caring for Abandoned And Stray Pets On the Mountain?
By Mar Preston

Kern County Animal Control commonly ignores calls about strays up here and continues to destroy most of the cats and dogs left at the Bakersfield shelter. Meanwhile a loosely organized group of animal rescue people are quietly saving lives and finding homes for abandoned pets here in the mountains.

They need your help.

On May 2 and 3 a giant Barn Sale to benefit the animals will be held in Cuddy Valley.

Rescuer Robin Horowitz, who fosters and finds home for countless deserving pups, will open her barn for the event, filled to the rafters with donated goods. Who knows what treasures you will find there?

Maybe you’ll find that heirloom you’ve been looking for. Maybe you’ll donate some of your old treasures so we can pass them on to loving new owners. Anyone wishing to donate can call Robin Horowitz at 245-3730.

The mountain communities’ generous response to the plight of hungry dogs and cats has been heart-warming during this very cold season.

Thanks to everyone who has given pet food and money so generously through the donation jars at the Pine Mountain Grocery Store and the Pine Mountain clubhouse.

Here is what we have been doing with the donations:

  • We refurbished and winterized a kennel at the Pine Mountain Clubtransfer facility as a temporary holding site with donated funds and labor.
  • Canned and dry food you donate feeds stray dogs and cats which arepicked up and kept in the kennel until they can be reunited with theirowners, or found adoptive homes.
  • Pet food also goes to people who are stretching their budgets to take infoster care animals.
  • Volunteers pass cat food to people who are helping outside feral catsget through the winter.
  • More of the cash donations go toward emergency vet fees and low-costspay and neuter operations on adoptable animals and feral cats. Thetrap-neuter-release method has proven to keep down feral cat populations.

What is needed is foster care and adoptive homes for dogs and cats, money, canned and dry dog and cat food, blankets, beds, toys.

If you wish to help, please call Mar Preston at (661) 242-8529.


This is part of the April 25, 2008 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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