Pine Mountain cell phone service to begin

By Patric Hedlund

Friday, Jan. 24 is targeted as the official “start” date for the long-awaited cellular telephone service in the Pine Mountain community.

“All the construction is done, the antenna panels are being hung, cleanup is going on around the site and the facility is now turned over to Verizon,” Pine Mountain Cub Property Owners Association Manager Rory Worster reported to the PMCPOA board meeting January 18. Engineers took over from the construction crew on January 15, he said.

“Cell tower engineers said they are doing the fine tuning and that [service] may be up and down…it can be a rocky start,” Worster warned.

But cautious optimism was in the air as Pine Mountain residents exchanged facts about who will receive service and at what cost. Verizon owns the antenna. Those with AT&T will not be in luck. Others asked if services such as AAA Infinity, which sublets bandwidth from Verizon, will be pleasantly surprised Friday. One member said AT&T was persuaded not to charge a $300 penalty fee for cancelling his contract because it can’t provide service here. It was apparent that there will be more news next week about what Friday brings. Please email your experiences to


This is part of the January 24, 2014 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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