Election Tally In

As we go to press, results are in for the California state primary election. Attorney General Jerry Brown (D) will be running against Meg Whitman (R) for governor in November. In Kern County, many Republican seats were unopposed, including U.S. Congressman for District 22’s Kevin McCarthy, who has about $1.2 million in his campaign fund. State Assembly member Jean Fuller (R) will run for State Senate in District 18 against Carter N. Pope (D). Shannon Grove (R) will compete against Holly Spohn-Gross (D) for Fuller’s assembly seat.

Kern County Supervisor Michael Rubio (D) will run against Tim Thiesen (R) for State Senate in District 16. For Rubio’s District 2 supervisor’s seat, Steve Perez will run against Zack Scrivner. District 3 Kern County Supervisor Michael Maggard will serve another term. He ran unopposed, as did other Kern County officers.

Debra Bowen (D) and Damon Dunn (R) will compete for Attorney General.

In proposition results:

  • (Prop. 13) voters chose to allow seismic retrofits on masonary buildings tax-free;
  • (Prop. 14) will let everyone vote for all candidates in upcoming primaries;
  • (Prop. 15) refused to allow an experiment in state-funded Secretary of State elections; •(Prop. 16) refused to mandate a super-majority vote for new electricity distribution, contrary to PG&E’s campaign; and
  • (Prop. 17) refused to change regulations regarding insurance rates.

This is part of the June 11, 2010 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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