Falcons Log Double Win

By Coach Tim Garcia

[The coach’s account is interspersed here with TMEsports Twittercast reports from the field by The Mountain Enterprise intern, Joey Teare. You can sign up to receive the TMEsports tweets by going to Twitter.com/TMEsports]

By Coach Tim Garcia (with Tweets by Joey Teare)

Both the JV and Varsity Frazier Mountain High School Falcon squads played as ‘a team’ on Friday night, Sept. 18. A coach can’t ask for too much more.


TMEsports—4:59 p.m.
FMHS J.V. Football halftime score.
FMHS 21. Desert Christian 0. Go Falcons!

Everyone played with great intensity. It did not matter if they were first, second or third string, the coaches were impressed by their skill, mental fortitude and athleticism.

TMEsports—5:17 p.m.
J.V. Football scores 20-yard touchdown. Score 27-0. Go Falcons!

Justin Burk and Tyler Ryan were definitely a force that Desert Christian could not handle. Both these young men played with the power you would see in a varsity player. Other notable players were Forrest Pohl who had his second great game, Jason Rivette, Matt Grajeda, Ryan Forrestal, Justin Jones, Colton Fair, Kevin Enciso, Casey Holcomb, Josh Regan and Nick Duhn. All had a fabulous game, but to have a win, every player must execute and perform to their best. This is what the JV team did. The coaches are very proud of all of them.

TMEsports—7:27 p.m.
Ending score to J.V. Game is FMHS 27. Desert Christian 6. J.V.’s first win!


The Varsity team, all of them, helped secure the 49-9 win over Desert Christian. It was a team effort.

TMEsports—8:48 p.m.
Varsity football scores touchdown in the last second of the first half.

Like we said, it did not matter if the player was first, second or third string, each continued the team’s success on almost every play, both defensively and offensively. With the defensive expertise of Coach Perkins and the offensive knowledge and team management of Head Coach Jarudd Prosser, you saw a very high skill level.

TMEsports—8:51 p.m.
Varsity football halftime score.
FMHS 43 Desert Christian 6. Let’s go Falcons!

The explosive running of Alec Gotts and John Burns left their opponents in the dust (sometimes literally). The power of the offensive and defensive line gave Mike Morgan and Nick Bettis ample time to execute the plays. Jaxon Romanowski, Josh Kern, Mike Parker, Jordan Garcia, Garrett VanHooser and Shane Ryan put up a shield that Desert Christian had trouble penetrating. Jake Gayle, Vidal Pineda, Josh Carlson, Tim McCoy, Karl Howard, Patrick Moulder and Max Arteaga also had a great game. This was a total team effort.

TMEsports—9:50 p.m.
Falcons fly high in a 49-9 win over Desert Christian.

With two games under our belts we now look ahead to our toughest match of this young season. We will take on Bell-Jefferson High School who are also 2-0 and who are taking on Malibu High School tonight. They have two defensive tackles weighing over 280 pounds. But size has never bothered the Falcons. Ask Jaxon Romanowski, who easily took on the ‘Beast’ of Montclair Prep during our first game. We hope to see all of you at our first Saturday game of the season.

This is part of the September 25, 2009 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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