Friends of Seniors Resource Guide for 2014-2015 will be in print this week

  • The new book is dedicated to founder, Forest Ann Sjoberg. [Sjoberg family photo]

    The new book is dedicated to founder, Forest Ann Sjoberg. [Sjoberg family photo]

There is excitement in Miki Knutson’s voice when she talks about the new Friends of Seniors Resource Guide for 2014-2015. The new booklet is the first one to be compiled and distributed since 2010. Knutson is the Mountain Communities Family Resource Center adult advocate, and she is very aware of the many needs the little book addressed in the past. It has been missed.

Forest Ann Sjoberg, founder of Friends of Seniors, died in April 2009. Her leadership was a gift to the community. This new book is dedicated to the memory of Forest Ann, and to her inspiring service to others.

The brand new booklet has a special section for veterans’ services. You’ll also find affordable home repairs and information from the Bakersfield Senior Placement services office about assisted living and independent living options in this area, along with details about access to skilled nursing services.
Home health care services, and hints about avoiding the Medicare prescription ‘donut hole,’ will be useful.

A variety of activities and social groups for seniors are a welcome chapter.

“I’ve had a few people move in who wanted to know what was going on,” Knutson laughed. She has included Frazier Mountain Park Senior Center card games, quilting, sewing, AARP events, VFW bingo games, crafts opportunities and more.

Knutson said she will give a presentation to AARP on the resource guide in September and distribute booklets there. Before that, they will also be available at The Mountain Enterprise office and the MCFRC office.

—by Patric Hedlund

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