Fuming over AT&T

April 1, 2013
Dear Editor:
There are very few things in life that send me fuming. One of them is being cut off from a very important conversation, as occurred today.

Try waiting to get through to Social Security after you have been on hold for 25 minutes. Finally, you have a representative and in the middle of the feedback the call is dropped. She must have thought I blew her off because there was no callback on her part.

About three weeks ago, I called the phone company and discussed all the dropped calls. They supposedly checked the line and said it had to be the line into my house. I did mention that I was not the only one on the hill with these kind of hang up calls. She wanted to know what kind of sound it made when it went dead and while we were talking,

Guess what? Dropped call. She did call back and said she now understood the situation. But of course, there was no fix.
The week after, more problems. This time the phone company wanted to come in the house with a charge of $50 dollars because the line checked out o.k.

Now I know I am not the only one with this sort of problem. We pay our bills on time. I expect to have my service available when I need it and not be forced to pay extra money for their problems.

I’m now an irate customer.

Frances Durocher
Pine Mountain

This is part of the April 05, 2013 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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