Get Silly: ‘Take Your Dog to Work Day’ is Friday, June 22

Join the Contest for Best Dog Day Photo and Win a Prize

By Nick Thomas

Next week is the 14th Annual Take Your Dog to Work Day. Really. I’m not pulling your paw. They say every dog has his day. This year, that day is Friday, June 22.

Dog owners throughout North America will be prodding their poodles and pulling their pugs to their place of employment. Studies say that animals can have a therapeutic effect on people in hospitals and retirement homes, so why not at work?

If your pup is housetrained, check with your boss to see if you can participate in this year’s Take Your Dog to Work Day.

A few words of caution…

Some people suffer from cynophobia (fear of dogs), so be mindful that a nervous rottweiler hovering around the water-cooler may be unsettling to some coworkers. Not all massive mutts are intimidating. The Saint Bernard is a gentle giant that would cast an imposing figure sitting by the desk, guarding your stapler. Saint Bernards also have that convenient little barrel of brandy strapped to their collar for medicinal purposes, which is sure to make the day go more smoothly, but hanging a sixpack around your beagle’s neck may not be greeted well by your employer.

It might be wise to teach your dog a cute trick so he will be more readily accepted by your fellow workers. For instance, training your dog to growl and snarl at the mention of your boss’s name will break the ice when you and your dog arrive on the job. But use discretion. Make sure your boss is accidently locked in the storage closet or restroom when you are demonstrating the trick. Some businesses are inappropriate for pets. Food retailers come to mind. Customers do tend to frown on fang marks in their cheeseburgers.

Keep in mind that other people may also be bringing their dogs to work. It’s important that yours can socialize with fellow canines.

Of course, you don’t want your dog to be too well-behaved. Should the boss realize that your dog fetches things more quickly than you do and comes running at a whistle, Rover may be promoted to your position.

This fun Friday summer event was created by Pet Sitters International to promote "Don’t Shop: Adopt" to find homes for needy pets, the goal of the Mountain Communities SPCA.

Enter the Contest

Okay, ready? Snap a digital photo of your pet at work and send it to with the subject line: DOG DAY. The deadline is Monday, June 25. So snap and send.

Kathy Parker of Alpine Lumber, which carries pet supplies, is offering two pounds of free dog biscuits to the winner who sends the best photo.

This is part of the June 15, 2012 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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