Habituated bears cause panic in PMC

  • [photo by LaVonne Lewis]

    [photo by LaVonne Lewis]

UPDATE: Yes, one black bear is reported to have been shot this weekend by an individual with a depredation permit. One family which has evacuated their home because of 4 (four) bear intrusions has been asked to stay away for at least another day because a second bear which has entered the home has not yet been trapped. Meanwhile, the home’s doors and windows are covered with plywood. See the report from The Mountain Enterprise on Thursday morning July 20 with interviews from both those packing guns as well as those offering comfort to the bears.

By The Mountain Enterprise Team

This week bears seemed to be everywhere: on doorsteps, inside refrigerators and kitchen cabinets all around the Pine Mountain community.

Pamela Jansen on Linden Drive woke at about 6:30 Saturday morning to a noise. When she opened her bedroom door, a bear was inside the house. “I just closed the…

On Sunday, July 23, 6:30 to 8 p.m. the California Department of Fish & Wildlife will be at the Condor room in PMC to demonstrate how to protect your home, yourself and your family from bears.

Photo captions:

LaVonne Lewis said these bears visited first thing in the morning on Tuesday at 9 a.m. She said it will be a tragedy if they must be killed.

This black bear mother and her cubs on a Tejon Ranch Conservancy camera are foraging in the woods. They will stay safe if they do not run into a cache of food left outside by a careless human.

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