Homecoming Victory: Falcons 42, Roadrunners 26

  • The Frazier Mountain High School Falcon football team were ecstatic about their homecoming victory Friday, Oct. 28. The score was Falcons 42, Rosamond Roadrunners 26.

    The Frazier Mountain High School Falcon football team were ecstatic about their homecoming victory Friday, Oct. 28. The score was Falcons 42, Rosamond Roadrunners 26.

By Anthony Levesque

The Frazier Mountain High School Falcons won their homecoming game on Friday, Oct. 28 against the Rosamond Roadrunners. The Falcons are 1-2 in High Desert League play, and were coming out of a sixgame losng streak. The stands were full of cheering parents and members of the community. They were treated to homecoming floats built by the four FMHS classes, featuring exotic places.

During the first quarter of play the Falcons moved the ball to the end zone with a 1 yard touchdown run by Dakotah Ruggieri. A Rosamond touchdown with a 2-point conversion made the score 8-6, Rosamond ahead. The Falcon defense was pumped, pushing the Roadrunners back into their own end zone to get a 2-point safety with a tackle by Colton Fair. An explosive 35-yard run by Patrick Moulder won a touchdown, followed by an impressive 2-point conversion run by Ruggieri, bringing the Falcons back on top, 16-8.

In the second quarter fans cheered a 2-yard touchdown run by Kevin Enciso and a great 2-point conversion catch by Riley Daniels. Rosamond scored two more touchdowns, but was unsuccessful at gaining extra points. With 15 seconds left on the clock before the half, Falcon Isaac Shillig threw a 60-yard touchdown pass to Moulder, making the score 30-20 at the halftime bell.

During the break, Shillig was crowned the Falcon’s Homecoming King. Jessica Stegeman was named FMHS Homecoming Queen. The royal court included a prince and a princess from each class: Freshman—Austin Chris and Jillian Carlson; Sophomore— Kent Holcomb and Crosby Finn; Junior—Faith Bedard and Kevin Enciso.

During the third quarter, Rosamond scored a touchdown, followed by a 75-yard touchdown run by Moulder for the Falcons. As the Falcon scoreboard tally rose higher, the temperature in the chilly night began to sink rapidly. The fans were in high spirits, but shivering. Then, in the fourth quarter, Shillig’s 48-yard quarterback run won a touchdown for a final score of 42-26.

“It felt great to go out there and play our hearts out for a tremendous victory over Rosamond. They played hard but we were definitely hungrier than they were,” said varsity captain lineman and defensive end Shane Ryan. “We plan to have a great week at practice and come next Friday on top to win California City.”

On Friday, Nov. 4 the Falcons play the California City Ravens. It will be the last away game of the season. The Falcons are 2-6 overall. The Coyotes are 5-3 overall and 2-1 in league.

The final game of the season is at home on Thursday, Nov. 10, against the Falcons’ archrival, the Kern Valley Broncs. This will also be senior night, when all senior football players and cheerleaders are introduced, along with their best high school memories, while they walk across the field with their parents. Come join the fun.

Correction note sent by Intern Reporter Tony Levesque on November 5: Casey Holcomb did not make the safety tackle which resulted in 2 points during homecoming, Colton Fair did. Sorry for the mistake. In addition, the California City mascot is the Ravens, not the Coyotes. I will be sure to be much more careful and make sure all of my facts are true,
These two items were corrected in the above story on Sunday, Nov. 6.

This is part of the November 04, 2011 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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