Homeless veteran needs assistance this Thanksgiving

Reported by Susanne Green

As weather forecasts predict a cold front rolling into the area, The Mountain Enterprise has received calls about a self-described 68-year-old veteran who has been camped out in his truck approximately one mile west of the Pine Mountain community for over a week.

According to Pine Mountain resident Sarah-Jane Owen, the gentleman said he was evicted from his residence for non-payment when a check he was supposed to receive didn’t arrive, due to problems with verifying his prior address.

The man stated that his truck had run out of gas, she said.

A parent member of the Peak to Peak Mountain Charter School said Forest Service personnel from Apache Saddle Fire Station have been assisting the man with blankets and food.
She said this gentleman is in need of assistance. The parent asked us to make a report.

Please call The Mountain Enterprise at 661-245-3794 if there is some help you would like to offer. This report comes in as we are going to press and social service agencies are closed.

This is part of the November 22, 2013 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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