Indictments delivered for ring of mail thieves

By Gary Meyer

Five people were indicted at the end of May on felony charges for the theft of mail from United States Post Office boxes in the Kern County area.

Kern County Sheriff’s Sgt. Mark Brown said he had received a call from federal postal inspectors advising him of the arrests. During April and May a steady stream of reported mail thefts occupied the Sheriff’s Log page in this newspaper.

The Mountain Enterprise tracked one stolen check to a business in Agoura Hills, California, not far from a Bank of America branch where an account had been used to deposit stolen funds.

Brown said local law enforcement was not able to gain timely access to banking information, even with a search warrant. Federal investigators were able to track the leads. Watch for the full story in an upcoming edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

This is part of the July 19, 2013 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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