Jizo Peace Center Gives Humanitarian Award

  • Shige Higashi with Ruth Handy [Jizo Peace Center Photo]

    Shige Higashi with Ruth Handy [Jizo Peace Center Photo]

Space Available for Shikoku Island Trip

By Ruth Handy, Jizo Peace Center

Shige Higashi, the editor of “Cultural News,” receives the Pine Mountain-based Jizo Peace Center 2013 Humanitarian Award.
Higashi tirelessly dedicates his energy to publicizing Japanese cultural events in Southern California and nearby areas, both online and in print. The “Cultural News” coverage increases awareness and attendance for Japanese people and others interested in Japanese culture. He has hosted trips near Fukushima, Japan, which was hit by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear plant meltdowns in March 2011. 

Thousands of people died at that time, and many more were left injured and homeless. Higashi provides support to the survivors of the disasters who remain living there. By bringing tourists to Fukushima, he is helping to revive businesses and other services to the devastated area. He is scheduling his fifth trip to Fukushima for the third anniversary commemoration of the disasters. We are grateful for Shige Higashi’s inspiration.

Seats still remain for the Shikoku Island pilgrimage in March 2014. Plane tickets need to be purchased very soon. Join us for a unique opportunity to experience Japanese history firsthand.

Prayers continue to be needed for the next twenty to thirty years for the positive transformation of the radioactive energies released by the nuclear plant meltdowns in Fukushima. Please give special prayer for those doing the dangerous work to remove the radioactive rods from the plants and for development of new technologies to transmute the destructiveness of the radiation.

This is part of the January 3, 2014 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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