Lake of the Woods Water Levels Dropping Six Inches a Day

This letter was distributed to residents of Lake of the Woods May 21.

Lake of The Woods Mutual Water Co.
7025 Cuddy Valley Rd #f
Frazier Park Ca, 93225
(661) 245-1448


To All of Lake of the Woods Residents:
On behalf of the board of Directors we would like to thank everyone doing their part in conserving our precious resource of water. We know it may be difficult at times and frustrating seeing your lawn go dead and your trees dying off, but in order to pull through this drought we must work together and learn from this experience to prepare for the future.

Currently we have three working wells producing a combined 70 gallons per minute (gpm) where three years ago we were producing 225 gpm.

We have exhausted our funds in search of new wells. We have been very fortunate to have received a State Grant of $240,000 and a USDA grant for $500,000 to help us continue looking for water, but that does· not mean we have to stop conserving. Last summer we were forced to haul water and this summer we are getting very close to that stage again, until we can find a well or wells capable of producing what we need.

Currently our water tanks are dropping 6 inches every day with all three wells pumping almost 24/7. During the winter we did not have a need to haul water because water usage was low. We understand as summer approaches water consumption will increase but if we can keep our usage the same as we did during the winter we possibly might not need to haul water.

This means the following Is still prohibited:
No outside Water use, No car washing, No lawn irrigation, no swimming pools, and anything else that involves use of potable water outside your home. Please understand that this measure is necessary in order to provide water for you to use inside of your home for purposes such as howering, brushing your teeth and flushing the toilet.

This water conservation measure WILL be enforced to any measure needed. You will be fined if you do not follow the water conservation [guidelines] we have [put in place].

For more details on the fine, please contact the water company office.

We would like to thank everyone for doing their share and hopefully soon we will be able to find a suitable source of.water for our homes and future.

Thank You,
Lake of the Woods Mutual Water. Co. Board of Directors.

This is part of the May 23, 2014 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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