‘Live Local’ Survey Winners Announced

The Mountain Enterprise staff

Is your name among the 79 winners of the ‘Live Local’ raffle? A strong response greeted the survey about shopping habits of Mountain Community residents.

The results were surprising, and we’ll be reporting them soon. First though, read through this list to see if you are among the raffle winners.

Pick up your prizes and gift certificates at the Frazier Park office of The Mountain Enterprise (across the street from Ace Hardware) from 8:30 to 6 p.m. Here are the winners.

Brenda Shafer has won a free workshop from A Spot of Bead in Frazier Park. Carolyn Tipton and Dianna Elliott have each won a $10 gift certificate from Alice’s Attic in Lebec. Jill Hubert, Tyler Kramer, Bruce and Carol Scott, Robert Marshall and Marlene Meigs won $10 gift certificates from Alpine Lumber & Mercantile in Frazier Park.

Jane Nichols won a gift basket from Antelope Valley Bank. Dee Bumgardner and Jennifer Abell won Arts for Earth T-shirts. Bill Coronado won a gift certificate from Catherine’s Clothing & Gift Shop. Madeliene Ferguson won a $10 gift certificate from Chatterpillar Toys & Gifts in Frazier Park. Bonnie Kane and Joyce Garrett both won a $10 gift certificate from Computers & Games in Pine Mountain Village.

Roni de la Cruz won a free month’s membership at Curves gym in Frazier Park, and A.M. Engels won a puzzle from Frazier Park Market. Lucky S. Nickerson won a gift basket from Frazier Park Pharmacy and Donald Teater won a gift basket from K’s Discount Depot of Frazier Park.

Toni Deveraux, the Lockhart family and Margaret Brenner have each won a free oil change from MidValley Auto Repair.

Other winners include Heather Waites–a large onetopping pizza from Mike’s Pizza; John McShane–oil burner with angels from Mountain Spirits; Bob Shanks, Kim Hinsley and Marvin Ehrlich–one $5 gift certificate each from Mountain Top Video in Frazier Park; Stefanie Neeley–$10 gift certificate from Old Ridge Route Antiques; Fay Benbrook, Lori Haynes, Kevin Waites, Alexa Hamilton, C. Mosley, Barry Ailetcher, Jane Bunk, Morgan Lefler, Rosalie Maggio and Justin Goudeau each won two CDs from Richard Hoegh’s Mulebarn Music.

Pam Devries won a gift bag from State Farm Insurance; Pam McCain and Shelia Clark each won a $5 gift certificate from Tanicures. Jerry Ferris, Sr. and Brian Donnelly each won a $10 gift certificate from Tecuya Feed. Kenneth Wheeler won a free haircut from The Mane Place in Pine Mountain Village. John (telephone number begins with 763) won a Pop-Up Note Dispenser from The Mountain Enterprise.

Torben Ehlert won a free haircut from Linda at The Oasis. Sybil Chester won a $10 gift certificate from Alice’s Attic in Lebec. Pearl Edmundson, Betsy Davis, Vance Pelland and Debbie Barr all won a printed Tshirt saying “Dear IRS, I would like to remove my name from your mailing list,” from Rachel Unell’s Accounting for Success.

Amy Brown, Janice Rubin, Dawn Burns, Mary Avina, Barbara Briggs, Debbie Turner, Christen Suorsa, Susan Smashey, Susan McKowen and Bernice Trojahn have all won a coupon for $5 off on any in-store purchase from Ace Hardware of Frazier Park. Joe Fuess, Daisy Cuddy, Karen Lobina, Cat Buckles, Pam Plouffe, Dollie Kosmos, Joe Koler, Maryellen Williams, Kristina Caprio and Albert Orellana have each won a free dog pedicure from Blue Rose Pet Salon. The Heisler family and Ana (phone prefix 390) have won a $25 discount on a dog grooming at the Blue Rose Pet Salon.

Richard Welles and Katherine King have each won a large pizza with a single topping choice from Caveman Cavey’s Pizza. Ted Cooke won a free quarter page black and white display ad from The Mountain Enterprise.

Charles Bliss won a free 55 minute massage from Moxie McMahon’s “Heavenly Touch” at Tanicures.

Laura (phone number starts with 373) won a one-night hotel stay at Pine Mountain Hotel

Jeremy Conklin has won a free copy of Paul and Sarah Edward’s book Sitting With the Enemy. Dennis Stubblefield has won a free copy of Paul and Sarah Edward’s book Why Aren’t You Your Own Boss?

The Mountain Communities Small Business Development Center (SBDC) sponsored the survey with Women’s Economic Ventures’ statistics professional Julie Karpenko preparing the final questionnaire and processing the responses.

The survey was initiated by members of SBDC’s strategic advisory committee, which also coordinated the raffle and survey outreach. Members include: Realtor Pam McCain; Patric Hedllund, Gary Meyer and Pam Sturdevant of The Mountain Enterprise; Moxie McMahon of Heavenly Touch Massage, Rachel Unell of Accounting for Success; Paul Edwards of Let’s Live Local, Linda Robredo of Blue Rose Pet Salon and Mountain Communities SBDC Director Angel Cottrell.

This is part of the March 18, 2011 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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