Local Streaker Turns Aggressive–See Video

A streaker who has been sighted several times in Pine Mountain, California was encountered by two women as they left work Saturday, June 2 at about 10 p.m. He chased them down the road as they fled in their car.

Same streaker incident, additional camera angle.

From the June 8 issue of The Mountain Enterprise. The full edition will be online tomorrow.
By Patric Hedlund

The actions of a man first spotted in the Los Padres National Forest without clothes may have become more aggressive, say those who have been monitoring recent reports, which have also become more frequent.

In the March 9, 2012 issue of The Mountain Enterprise, writer Maggie Van Ostrand tells about seeing a naked man on February 25 west of Pine Mountain in the forest, near the meadow trail.

She said Pine Mountain Club security personnel told her they have had earlier reports.

Van Ostrand speculates the man she saw may be about 38- 45 years old, roughly 5 foot-10 inches “and maybe about 155- 165 pounds, fair-haired from neck up, physically fit, without noticeable body hair.” She said he wore a wide-brimmed hat when she saw him.On Saturday, June 2 at 10 p.m. a naked man is said to have stepped out of the shadows by the AT&T building in Pine Mountain Village. He allegedly followed two women toward their car and was caught on surveillance video running after their vehicle as they departed the village. [The video is posted at www.MountainEnterprise.com.]

Merchants said they believe that Pine Mountain Security, the Kern County Sheriff and the Pine Mountain Club Commercial Property Owners Association (PMCCPOA) should assist in apprehending the man. He was reportedly seen near a home on Woodland the next morning, June 3, making gestures to a woman who saw him.

“They need to do something before something serious occurs,” said Pine Mountain Inn owner Diana Chase. Van Ostrand said she is concerned for the security of children.

This is part of the June 01, 2012 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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