New Hotel Prepares To Open

  • It has taken four long years, but the Holiday Inn Express will soon open.

    It has taken four long years, but the Holiday Inn Express will soon open.

Hiring Continues for Holiday Inn Express

By Patric Hedlund

Cheerful anticipation and hard work fill the halls of the new Holiday Inn Express as finishing touches are being put on the stately building in Lebec, just off the Grapevine. Staff is still being hired as we go to press [see end of story for details].

Inside, wallpaper is being hung, computer cables are being strung through ducts, and furniture is being carefully arranged in the rooms.

Co-owner Jagmit Mann, 28 says he looks forward to marketing, to “bring in tourist groups and promote mountain attractions,” from mountain biking to hiking and festivals.

He recalls he first saw the site in 2005 while driving between Bakersfield and Los Angeles. He said “it was the perfect spot” with a great view of the mountains, but he’s still stunned that the project has taken four long years from first discussions with Emilie and Jim Wainright about the land to finally getting a water pressure problem worked out this week with the Lebec County Water District to enable them to open informally sometime in December, with a formal opening anticipated in January.

A team from the International Hotels Group (IHG) is scheduled to arrive to begin intensive training for employees soon. Meanwhile, Kevin VanderBes, Vice President of Operations from Deepwater Hospitality is managing finishing of the interior construction.

MRSS Hospitality is the group building the hotel and the holder of the Holiday Inn Express franchise from IHG.

Hiring is underway for staff who live in the Mountain Communities. A wide variety of positions is open, including night auditor, desk clerks and housekeeping staff.

Deepwater will help take the hotel through the “growing pains” of opening. After that has been accomplished, a permanent manager will be sought, according to VanderBes.

To ask about employment opportunities, contact Kevin VanderBes (209-678-0791) and Deon Henry (209-620-4271) or come into the hotel to apply.

This is part of the December 11, 2009 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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