Night Visitors–A scream…and claw marks on the wall

  • [photo by Patric Hedlund, The Mountain Enterprise]

    [photo by Patric Hedlund, The Mountain Enterprise]

By Patric Hedlund, TME

The month of July saw the debut of this season’s bear tales. This is a tiny sample.

Rebecca Catterall of Pine Mountain Club woke on July 4 to find her car torn apart by a night visitor.

“I left my car windows open for my dogs, and in the night a bear got in.” Vicky Kraft of Los Padres Bear Aware said the bear was looking for the salt in the upholstery and other parts of the…(please see below to view full stories and photographs)

Photo captions:

Above: Rebecca Catterall left her car window open when she went to bed. That, she learned, is not a good idea.

Deputies see tell-tale finger prints like these (far left) often these days.

Larry Baker had some fun at his house under a bear rug after a real bear visit made his friend scream.

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