OpEd by Glenda Marr: Parent Power Is Needed to Save ETUSD Football And Our After-School Programs

The first official meeting for new ETUSD Superintendent, Katherine ‘Katie’ Kleier, is this Wednesday, July 14, at 7 p.m. at the Frazier Mountain High School (FMHS) Library. Bring your priorities for this coming year to inform the new superintendent. Here’s mine: Frazier Mountain High School’s varsity and junior varsity football teams have a total of 20 students who have come out for the teams, probably an all-time low. FMHS needs 20 students on varsity alone.

Let’s encourage our kids to try out, it’s not too late. Sports teach children life lessons.

Parents, let’s come together and communicate with our school district and individual schools—and each other.

Recently, there were cheerleading and football practices being held at FMHS at the same time. Let’s carpool. Some buses, including the high school late bus, have been cut with the district’s budget problems.

We as parents and community members need to come together for our children. Maybe a parent is working and can’t get their student to practice. Sometimes having enough fuel in our vehicles is a challenge. How about a communication tool where we join a list? This tool could coordinate all transportation needs and even more. The children would have opportunities that one parent could not offer alone.

Do you have fundraising ideas? Do you have a talent, but have never felt needed enough to stand up? Now’s the time, you are needed.

We are together in this school district for our children’s opportunities. Showing up to the first school board meeting to welcome our new superintendent will be a great action for our children. Give Ms. Kleier encouragement; let her know she is appreciated and that we are involved.

This is part of the July 09, 2010 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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