‘Phase out computerized visitors’ kiosks,’ Grand Jury advises Board of Trade

By Patric Hedlund

The Kern County Grand Jury issued an analysis of the Kern County Board of Trade (BOT) on Monday, Feb. 25 and suggested computerized visitors’ kiosks be phased out. Its overview of the six economic engines of the county included tourism and film / television production.

The Mountain Communities’ festivals and organizations have worked hard to qualify for BOT tourism grants to advance the ecotourism model for economic development here.

The still-unfinished Lebec Visitors’ Information Center at the northeast corner of Flying J was built as a volunteer project with encouragement from former Supervisor Ray Watson. The goal is to attract tourists westward from the Grapevine into the recreational opportunities of the Mountain Communities. A touchscreen computer system in a weather-tight housing was to be installed, Watson said, along with a giant condor model and attractive, weather-shielded color posters of mountain attractions. The project is still unfinished.

The grand jury’s report suggests that, to cut costs, the BOT might consider phasing out interactive computer kiosks as mobile technology develops.

New Supervisor David Couch has been asked to comment in the coming weeks about what this means for the prospects of finishing the Lebec Visitors’ Center.

This is part of the March 01, 2013 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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