Risks to Wildlife and Residents in Widening Highway 138 (Ave D)

February 28, 2014
Dear Editor:

Homeowners who live within the proposed corridor for widening Highway 138 (Avenue D) have not been adequately informed by Caltrans and L.A. County about the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) process and hearings. We need information put into the local paper about impacts to area residents. We have been left in the cold regarding the Tejon-Centennial project too, as to impact on traffic safety, pollution and noise concerns.

T-intersections raise safety concerns at Old Ridge Route, Three Points Road, 245 Street West, 170 Street West, 110 Street West, 90 Street West, 60 and 50 Streets West. Power poles are also very close to the freeway, hazardous to drivers who lose control of their vehicles. Have Edison put the lines underground to offset the unsightliness of the poles and improve scenic views along the highway.

People are passing into head-on traffic, a serious concern since there are no passing lanes on the highway.

If the width is truly to be 600-feet, this is outrageous. That would put the highway through private properties and cause unbearable noise to homeowners.

Wildlife in our rural areas are at risk. More traffic means more animals killed. Undercrossings and wildlife corridors are needed.

Safety should be the first priority, along with the aesthetics of this project. We are already inundated with unsightly solar utility projects and people who purposely litter our highway with no concern for our California poppies and wildflowers.

Jeff Zimmerman

There will be two scoping meetings about proposed changes to Highway 138 (Avenue D) in the Western Antelope Valley:

Saturday, March 15
9:30-11:30 a.m.
Antelope Acres Community Ctr.
8812 W Avenue E-8,
Antelope Acres, CA 93536

Tuesday, March 18
6:30-8:30 p.m. Grace Chapel Neenach,
25649 W Avenue D
Lancaster, CA 93536
See www.metro.net/nw138 for more details

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