Schimmel Receives 37 Years to Life in Murder Case

VENTURA, CA (Monday, July 18, 2011 at 10:40 a.m.)–Lockwood Valley resident Jayson Schimmel this morning received a combined total sentence of 37 years to life in the March, 2009  murder of his infant son Steven Schimmel.

Judge Patricia Murphy sentenced Schimmel to 25 years to life for count one, abuse of a child causing death; 15 years to life for count two, murder (this sentence was stayed by the court under Penal Code section 654); six years for count three, corporal injury of a child (sentence to run consecutively to count one) and an additional six years for an enhancement to count three (also to run consecutively to count one).

The sentencing under count three (12 years) must be served prior to serving the sentence under count one (25 years). Counts one and two both carry the possibility of parole. Schimmel’s time served prior to and during trial totals 995 days (2.75 years) and will be credited against his sentence.

Jayson Schimmel was present in the courtroom, but did not speak until the judge asked whether he agreed to not be present at a restitution hearing in September. Schimmel replied, "Yes, your honor."

Schimmel’s mother was present in the courtroom. Elizabeth Hill, the mother of the deceased baby, was not present.

–Reporting by Alex Wilson and Gary Meyer

This is part of the July 15, 2011 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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