Surprise! Wildflowers explode in Neenach

  • [click to enlarge] Barry Ailetcher photo of another Western Antelope Valley area.

    [click to enlarge] Barry Ailetcher photo of another Western Antelope Valley area.

By Jeff Zimmerman, Neenach

After years of drought and scorching heat, Neenach and the Western Antelope Valley finally received some badly needed late-season rainfall. The last 4 inches of rain brought with it an abundant blossoming of poppies, now in full bloom along Highway 138 from 280th Street West to the California Poppy Reserve along Ave. I and 170th Street West.

The blooms are magnificent. I took a hike into the California Poppy Reserve ($10 parking) for a solid hour, walking along the pathways to take a quick break.

Finally, the scenery is just amazing out here in Neenach. I hope you get time to come and enjoy the wildflowers.

We ask people to take only pictures and leave only their foot prints on the trails. Please do not leave litter behind.

Our neighborhood volunteers continue to help Caltrans every Tuesday by picking up copious amounts of trash along a 9.5-mile stretch of Highway 138. Come on out to see the flowers.

Photo caption:

Jeff Zimmerman photos, at the California Poppy Preserve

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