Three Points – Liebre Mt. Town Council – Reg. Meeting – Saturday, March 11 at 9:30 a.m.

Three Points / Liebre Mt. Town Council
March 11, 2017 9:30 AM
Regular Bimonthly Meeting
Location: Grace Chapel Church Neenach, 25649 West Ave C-15


Council Members: Chris Wangsgard, President ; Sue Zahnter, Vice President, Diane Phillips,
Treasurer; Karen Plemmons, Secretary, Richard Zahnter, Member at Large
Call to Order
Flag Salute
Guest Speaker: Robin Farr, Green Valley Expert on Oak Tree Borer Insect, will provide information
on how to spot the Oak Borer and how to prevent spreading this serious oak tree threat.
Joe Randles, Lakes and Valleys HAM Radio Network Administrator and Glen Hoke from Green
Valley; will provide radio operation and tuning help after the meeting for those persons experiencing
difficulty operating their HAM Radio. Please bring your radio to the meeting.
Minutes: Karen
Treasurer’s Report: Diane
Old Business
A. Emergency Radio Network Report: Ian Coster/Dick Zahnter/Joe Randall (HAM)
B. Community Standards District Committee Update: Chris
C. Ordinance Proposal Requiring Proof of Legal Access for Private Roads Update: Sue
D. Yearly Financial Audit Result: Chris/Diane
E. Yearly Fundraiser Details and Information (Save the Date May 20th): Chris/Karen
F. Reminder of Dark Skies Ordinance: Sue
New Business
A. New Information Regarding Meetings Attended Or Hearings in Our Area: Sue
B. Announcements and/or Public Notices If Any: All
Public Comment
Adjourn meeting
Grace Chapel Church Neenach,
25649 West Ave C-15 (Between Three Points Road and 245th St West, on Hwy 138
Upcoming meetings in 2017: May 13; July 8; Sept. 9; Nov. 11.

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