Update: Lake of the Woods Water Deliveries

By Patric Hedlund

Better information has been received now about Lake of the Woods Mutual Water Company’s decision to truck water from Frazier Park Public Utility District (FPPUD) to keep tanks filled in Lake of the Woods.

FPPUD is selling the water for 75¢ per 100 gallons to help in this emergency, according to Jonnie Allison, water operator for the Frazier Park water company.

Lake of the Woods Water Operator Rafael Molina, Jr. said  LOW is paying about $25.20 per truckload for water. Each truck contains 3,400 gallons, Molina said by email.

“As far as RMR (the trucking company), last time I heard they were charging us by the hour, not by the truck load.”

He added that he wouldn’t be sure about the price until he can “double check” but “when they hauled for Krista Water they charged $95 an hour.”

Molina also works for Krista Water Company which serves Los Padres Estates. When that company had to replace a well pump, they trucked water for a short time while the procedure was being completed.

Special tanker trucks are required for such an operation. They must be certified as safe for carrying “potable” (drinkable) water.

Molina said that no spending limit has been set by the Lake of the Woods Mutual Water Company Board for the trucking operation at this time. They are asking residents to understand this is an emergency measure and to continue to use the highest level of conservation.

“The priority is to keep the tanks full,” Molina said. He has emphasized the need to have reserve water in the tanks to be able to fight a fire if it should occur during this dangerous drought.

He added that the water company will apply for a grant to help with the costs caused by the state of emergency that occurred when their main well at Cuddy Hall drastically declined in productivity, now down to 10 gallons per minute.

“I personally spoke with California Department of Public Health and they said they can help us pay for the trucking of water up to an amount of $10,000, which will be a very big help,” Molina reported.

“If possible I would like you to add that Frazier Park Water has been very helpful with LOW and we thank them for providing us the water. It is very nice seeing the communities coming together and helping in our time of need,” he said.

This is part of the August 16, 2013 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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