Vandal salting PMC roads with nails

By  Patric Hedlund

Beware, motorists. A vandal has been spreading one-inch roofing nails at intersections in the Pine Mountain community. Within the last two months, PMC management has become aware of about 20 residents whose tires have been punctured.

General Manager Rory Worster said his road manager has purchased a six-foot magnet to pick them up at intersections, lately near Woodland, Bernina and San Moritz.  “We’ve picked up about a thousand of them,” Worster said. A 50-pound “keg” of one-inch nails contains about 2,000.

No one has yet reported seeing someone dropping the nails. “They show up several times a day,” Patrol Officer Patrice Stimpson said. The person seems to be mobile in some way. Tires on patrol jeeps have been punctured.

Harry Spyrka at Ace Hardware said a 50-pound keg of nails costs about $69, but that he hasn’t sold one in two years.

“Real roofers use nails on strips for nail guns these days,” he said. Worster asks people to stay observant to avoid the traps, and to report anything that  they see to patrol and the sheriff. “We want to get this guy,” he said.

This is part of the October 18, 2013 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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