‘Point in Time’ count of homeless for Frazier Mountain is Jan. 24

Volunteers are needed

The Point-In-Time count of the homeless throughout Kern County on Friday, Jan. 24 is designed to create a snapshot of the magnitude of homelessness in our region.

The headquarters for the Frazier Mountain Communities’ portion of the 2020 count will be the Family Resource Center (3015 Mt. Pinos Way, Suite 201) in Frazier Park.

“This location will serve as a hub of activity…where volunteers will check in, join their teams, and receive supplies before heading to their survey areas,” said a press release created by Ian William Sharples of Hermit Communications.

After they are finished in the field, teams will return to their headquarters to finish the day.

The event will occur from 4 to 8 a.m. on the morning of the count. Teams of three or four “will span out across every part of Kern County, to count and survey homeless people who sleep outdoors, in parks, alleys, by the river, under bridges, or in places not meant for human habitation.”

The Mountain Enterprise called the county to confirm this methodology would be used here, although most homeless in our area are “couch surfing” with friends in this season. The county confirmed they would follow the same procedure here.

“The process of surveying helps to identify local trends; to illuminate issues like housing access, mental illness and transportation problems,” Sharples added.

Volunteers are invited to go to kc2020pit.eventbrite.com to register by December 31.

—Compiled by P. Hedlund, TME

This is part of the December 27, 2019 online edition of The Mountain Enterprise.

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