Mountain Community Agendas & Notices

Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

From the March 27, 2015 Edition

Read the Kern County Resource Management Agency’s Draft Capital Improvement Plan:Download the PDF file

Read the Mountain Enterprise story about the Capital Improvement Plan (link will be inserted here on Thursday evening).

Housing Development Projects

From the March 27, 2015 Edition

Find information here about housing, land and commercial development projects proposed and underway. The information provided here will grow over time.  Please see for in depth information about local area development projects.

Gorman …

Mountain Communities Town Council (MCTC)

From the March 27, 2015 Edition

Click here for past meeting agendas and minutes of the Mountain Communities Town Council.


ATTENDING: Linda MacKay, Sue Nicoll, A. Francis McRedmond, …

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From the March 27, 2015 Edition

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Kern County Blueprint Program (Kern COG)

From the March 27, 2015 Edition

Download the results from the Kern County Blueprint workshops and see what your own community’s participants decided are the important factors for future development here in the Mountain Communities. Compare the local results here in …