County Hid GPS Tracker on Library Chief’s Car

By Patric Hedlund, with G. Meyer

In what some local readers have called “public pillorying in Bakersfield media,” The Bakersfield Californian reported on November 26 what reporter James Burger and his editors called “questionable work …

Popular DJ and Photographer Die in Grapevine Crash

Popular DJ and Photographer Die in Grapevine Crash

By Gary Meyer, with P. Hedlund

Friends and fans of ‘DJ Rowdy A’ (Raul Alianza) and club photographer Alex Vega (Alexander Vega Sonora) have flocked to The Mountain Enterprise website—over a half million page views …

Lighting Up the Holiday Season

Lighting Up the Holiday Season

The toboggan ride through the holiday season began with that first delicious bite of turkey this Thanksgiving. Some went out into the night to stand in line for “Black Friday” sales at the Walmart at …

Double Basketball Victories

Double Basketball Victories

By Tony Levesque, TME Intern

Falcon Pride Takes Wing

The crowd was loud and wild and the basketball players were electrified to play the first Falcon basketball game of the season on Tuesday, Nov. 29. …

Road Grump Continues

Road Grump Continues

November 26, 2011

Dear Editor:

After my letter to the editor appeared in last week’s paper [“Road Grump,” The Mountain Enterprise, Nov. 25, 2011] I have received numerous phone calls from people agreeing with my …

Local ‘Occupy’ Grows…Slightly

Local 'Occupy' Grows...Slightly

By Patric Hedlund

There is buzz among Mountain Community neighbors with a variety of perceptions about the many variations being seen in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. There were 10 demonstrators on Sunday, Nov. 27 …

Questions Flow About New ‘Smart’ Meters

By Patric Hedlund

Customers from Frazier Park to Pine Mountain have been notified by Southern California Edison (SCE) that their analog electricity meters will be replaced in the next few weeks with digitally networked ‘smart …

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Artist of the Month

By Mike Cram, Work of HeArt Curator

Exploring the Mysteries Of Mind and Creativity

Matt Harrington is the featured Artist of the Month for December at Work of HeArt Gallery. The opening reception is Saturday, ...

Update: Storz Trial To Be Rescheduled

A new trial date for the Devin Storz wrongful death lawsuit will be assigned by the court on December 19, according to plaintiff’s attorney James ‘Ed’ Noriega. The attorney for the defendant, Pine Mountain Club ...

Banned From Here Burns With Healthy Ambition

By Shanna Llewellyn, Manager

Banned From Here: energetic and motivated. Angelo “Lurch” Caprio (lead guitar and vocals), Justin “Blizzard” Bahn (bass and backup vocals) and Ozzie “The Righteous One” LaBrae (drummer and backup vocals) are ...

Lost Hikers Found on Mt. Pinos

Reported by Gary Meyer, written By Patric Hedlund

Southern Kern Search and Rescue, two helicopters (one a Kern County Sheriff’’s craft), about five KCSO units (including one from the Frazier Park substation) and Kern County ...

Santa Claus Coming to Pine Mountain Village

By Mark Bailey

Santa confirms that he will be making a stop in Pine Mountain Village on Friday Dec. 9. Weather permitting, he’ll be boarding a sleigh outside the Wine Room Gallery beneath Madd Bailey’s ...

Property Taxes Due December 12

By Gary Meyer

Kern County Treasurer and Tax Collector Jackie Denney has issued a press release notifying the public that the first installment of Kern County property tax is due by Dec. 12. To avoid ...