Breaking News: Grapevine Open, Area Roads Icy

UPDATE-FRAZIER PARK (Thursday, Dec. 30, 1 p.m.)—Skies are clear today, but ice is slippery on shady sections of raodways. Most roads are plowed and cindered. Motorists are advised to drive slowly and to be wary …

Santa Sightings Around the Mountain

Santa Sightings Around the Mountain

 Merry Christmas • Happy Holy Days Feliz Navidad • Joyeux Noël

A young Santa sat in his sleigh pondering. Around him stood his merry team of reindeer and one very special dog. Young actors …

Grateful Mom Says ‘Thanks’

Grateful Mom Says 'Thanks'

By Georgia Tuomy

Last week my son Cole Walling, 23 was involved in a car accident that shook my world and that of his many friends.

The brakes of the old panel truck he was …

A Modest Proposal for Keeping the Lights on

By Gary Meyer

On Tuesday, Dec. 21, as Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) members reviewed solutions to the quickly approaching blackout of streetscape lighting in Frazier Park’s business district, commercial property owner Emilie Wainright made a …

Fleeing Sacramento Gunman Captured on Grapevine by CHP

By Patric Hedlund

A gunman, fleeing after a fierce south Sacramento shootout that took the lives of two people, was captured yesterday on the Grapevine south of Gorman, near Quail Lake. California Highway Patrol officers …

Winds, Rain Bring Down Trees

Winds, Rain Bring Down Trees

State of Emergency Proclaimed

Wild gusts of high winds (reported up to 85 miles per hour) and torrential rains uprooted a large pine tree and hurled it onto the home of Lisa and Scott Parsons …

Two Years in Prison for Lebec Phone Line Vandals

Two Years in Prison for Lebec Phone Line Vandals

By Patric Hedlund

Roger Pool, 39 and Heath Poff, 37 of Lebec have both pled no contest to felony vandalism for cutting the telephone wires into O’Neil Canyon on November 17. They also pled no …

ICE Confirms 5 Seized in Raids

By Patric Hedlund

Officials have confirmed that five people were seized Friday, Dec. 3 by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. Rumors alleging that 30 people were taken into custody appear to be untrue.


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Winter Driving Tips

News To Use

Living in the mountains means being prepared when weather strikes. Storms and wild winter weather bring with them hazards that are less threatening when you take the steps necessary to get prepared.


Car Crashes into Gorman Shop

By Gary Meyer

Two potential customers made a shocking entry into Antiques on the Grapevine on Saturday, Dec. 4 at 11 a.m.

Parminder Singh, 35 of McFarland and his passenger Sikhur Singh, 37 drove a ...