Breaking News: Northwest Frazier Park Water System Down

PRECAUTIONARY "BOIL WATER" ADVISORY FOR THE AFFECTED CUSTOMERS OF Frazier Park P.U.D.Failure to Follow This Advisory Could Result in Stomach or Intestinal Illness

UPDATE: At approximately 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 14, water service was …

Never Again

Never Again

Reported by Tom Kuekes, Mt. Pinos District Ranger

We’ve seen the terror of wildfire up close and much too personal. We’ve had to leave our homes, not knowing what would be there when we returned. …

Celebrating an Inspiring Life

Celebrating an Inspiring Life

By Ruth Handy

Pine Mountain–In the summer of 1966, at the age of 19, I felt very moved by Martin Luther King’s commitment to the ideal of non-violence.

I decided to honor this feeling, to …

Beware: The Scam Is Back

Local businesses are being warned that a company is contacting mountain merchants to sell advertising on items they claim are authorized by Frazier Mountain High School. ?This is not true,? said FMHS principal Dan Penner …

Double Big Rig Wreck Closes I-5

Ice on Roads a Hazard

As the weather on the the Grapevine turned rough in the early hours of Friday, Jan. 5, California Highway Patrol reports told of a big rig bumper car derby that …

News and Features

Hilltop Brings Freedom Worker To Speak

By Cyndi McLaughlin

Lebec?To celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday, we invite all to come to Hilltop School to hear from Ms. Fran O?Brien, a civil rights worker during the summer of 1964.

Ms. O?Brien ...


Jennifer Gray is the Information Receptionist at the Los Padres National Forest Supervisors Office. In last week?s issue, she was mistakenly identified as Chuchupate public information officer. We apologize for the error.

Snow Much Fun

This was the result of the storm from last week which accumulated ice in the back yard of Jim and Jasmine Stoughton’s home in Los Padres Estates in Lebec.

Report and photo by Jim Stoughton