Dave da Handyman: The Mission Continues

Dave da Handyman: The Mission Continues

By Patric Hedlund

Over 300 mountain residents, family and friends came to say good-bye to David Gustave Giniewicz Saturday, Jan. 19 at Frazier Mountain High School.

If you do not know who he is, that …

3.3 Earthquake hits in Cuyama area

A magnitude 3.3 earthquake hit along the San Andreas fault on Sunday, Jan. 20 at about 5:25 p.m. PST. The epicenter was tracked by the U.S. Geologic Survey (USGS) report to be about 19 miles …

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Life saved when local Samaritans step up

Good Samaritans stepped up to save a life on Saturday, Jan. 19 at Camp St. Nicholas near the Mil Potrero ‘Y’, which is at the boundary of two Kern County fire crews’ territory.

At 5:49 ...

OpEd: The Second Amendment vs. Gun Control

By Chuck Noble, Lebec

Our government and national media with their usual smoke screen are using the recent shootings in schools to push their gun control agenda rather than trying to solve the real reasons ...

Frazier Park Substation Sheriff’s Log

2012 Reported Crime Analysis

Total Reports                               582

Property Crimes                           225     38.7%

Burglary: Residential 24Burglary: Non Residential Building   46 Burglary: Locked Vehicle                 9Theft Over $400.00                       22Theft Under $400.00                     54 Grand Theft Auto                            9Fraud                                           26Vandalism                                    27Trespass                                        6


High Country Gardener

By Michelle Maga

In the pines, in the pines, where the sun never shines

The old folk song chorus, "In the pines, in the pines, where the sun never shines," is spot-on when describing many ...