Breaking News: Grapevine Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested

FRAZIER PARK (Thursday, June 10, 2010, 4:31 p.m.)— Anthony Jerome Laws, Sr. of Bakersfield has been arrested for armed robbery of a Mobil Station at Grapevine.

Kern County Sheriff’s Frazier Park substation Lead Deputy Richard …

Frazier’s Ridge Route Run Car Show Is a Knockout

Frazier's Ridge Route Run Car Show Is a Knockout

By Gary Meyer and Patric Hedlund

The Ridge Route Run car show drew over a thousand people to downtown Frazier Park on Saturday, May 29 for a dazzling display of vintage, late-model and high-performance cars. …

Renaissance Faire

Renaissance Faire

Tickles the Funny Bone

By Gary Meyer

Frazier Park’s first Renaissance Faire was well-organized Saturday, May 29 with staff and vendors in character as loud, bawdy and fun-loving mischief makers.

What could be better than …

Four-Footed Firefighters

Four-Footed Firefighters

‘Mountain Goats’ Love Fire Hazards

By Gary Meyer with Barry Ailetcher

When Kern County Firefighter Derrick Davis first heard of goat-herding to fight wildland fires, he took it as an opportunity to save lives and …

Kern Residents Resilient Despite Recession

By Robert Phipps, KCOG

Things are looking up! Seventy-eight percent of Kern County residents are at least “somewhat satisfied” with the quality of life in their communities and hold a generally positive attitude about their …

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Memorial Day Ceremony Shares Gratitude, Remembrance

By Gary Meyer

About 60 people attended the Memorial Day ceremony at the Cody Prosser Veterans Memorial in Frazier Mountain Park, Monday, May 31.

Simba Wiley Roberts, who normally officiates the event, could not attend ...

Silent Auction Seeks Goods

‘It’s about the animals’

By Robin Horowitz, SPCA

Many know the popular Barn Sales held by the Mountain Communities Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). We’ve used these sales to help provide ...

Facebook Rumors

FRAZIER PARK (Friday, May 28, 2010, 11 a.m.)—An amusing bit of misinformation has been posted on Facebook and is causing a flurry of rumors around town.

It reads: “Frazier Park- Lebec-Pine Mountain News the Enterprise ...