Breaking News: ‘Save the Sports’ Campaign Begins

Frazier Park (Thursday, May 26, 2011 9 a.m.)–Student athlete Antonio Saenz held a planning meeting last night to begin a campaign to save the sports program at Frazier Mountain High School by working with other …

Schimmel Baby’s Death is Focus of Murder Trial

Schimmel Baby's Death is Focus of Murder Trial

Editor’s Note: The jury trial of the Lockwood Valley man arrested in the death of his baby in March 2009 began last Wednesday, May 11. Jayson Schimmel has been in custody since his arrest, unable …

Lawsuit Says Tejon Ranch Killed Lions Illegally

Lawsuit Says Tejon Ranch Killed Lions Illegally

By Patric Hedlund and Gary Meyer

Tejon Ranch Company (a Delaware Corporation) and Tejon Ranchcorp are being accused of ordering employees to illegally kill mountain lions on the historic ranch. The lawsuit was filed on …

Family Reunion Nature Hike Saves Woman’s Life

Family Reunion Nature Hike Saves Woman's Life

Missing Woman Rescued Saturday after Being Lost since Wednesday on Mount Pinos

There is still a sense of awe in Sharla Tipton’s voice, as she tells how close her family came to not being on …

Debate: The Facts on Lebec Water Rate Hike

Both sides of the issue are presented here. Michael Hightower, a residential customer, presents an argument for a "no" vote on the rate increase. Then read an explanation of why water rates need to be …

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Fort Tejon Historic Park Set to Close

Saddleback Butte State Park and the Antelope Valley Indian Museum also on the ‘Cut’ List

Reported by Traci Verardo-Torres, California State Parks Foundation

On May 13 the Department of Parks and Recreation released a list ...