Veterans Day Salutes from school children

Veterans Day Salutes from school children

Fourteen veterans were honored by the students of Pine Mountain Learning Center on Friday, Nov. 9.

World War II veteran Richard Hoegh, 91 told his stories of serving in Europe as students eagerly asked questions. …

Good-byes and Hellos at Frazier Park Library

The imaginative and personable Terry Thompson, who was supervisor of the Frazier Park Library for its first year, has moved up to Shasta, California. Marie Smith, a Mountain Communities resident for 10 years, recently finished …

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By The Mountain Enterprise staff

Real Estate Update

There may be good news in the local real estate market. Recent reports indicate over 80 homes have been sold this year in the Pine Mountain community. ...

Occupy PMC hangs up its signs

By Mindy Moffatt, Occupy PMC

Occupy PMC’s “Ninety-Nine on the Line” campaign began on the weekend of November 12, 2011 when a stalwart group of individuals (of the 99% variety) gathered at the bottom of ...

Missing Rave Party Teen Found in Mountains

By Patric Hedlund and Gary Meyer

Finding the virtual Alyssa Goldman on Facebook or in the vastness of the Twitterverse is not hard to do.

In the real world however, when the 19-year-old Ventura woman ...

In Sandy’s wake

(l-r) Kern County volunteers Carolyn Pandol and Diane Ellison with Elena Abreu. Red Cross shelter can be seen in background.

Left, Sandy’s destruction was followed by a snowstorm that blew in from Alaska.

MIddle, snapshots ...

Season change

Left, Nothing says ‘season change’ more bluntly than seeing your autumn crop dusted with snow…yes, real snow. This pumpkin photo was sent by Grayson Sparkman from the Pine Mountain community after the November 9 storm, ...